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Before you make any boardroom, executive, or personal decisions

Before you make any boardroom, executive, or personal decisions take a look at all of the outdated and expensive solutions and goals that are sinking your organization, stalling its progress, and sending it in the wrong direction.

Remember the days when you had to have an IT department to setup and maintain your vast, or not so vast, network and server system. IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and many others are transitioning your computing needs to the cloud, mobile, personal, autonomous, and smarter than human systems.

Do you think your organization should be stuck in the “We are the experts.” analysis conundrum? Over the next 3 to 5 years the consumer will have free handheld, hardware and software that has data, analysis, bandwidth, and R&D capabilities that are much more powerful than today’s big business has. Find out what to do about it.

Accounting and auditing has been incrementally improved with automated tracking, improved software, and even better communication between CPA, Attorney, CEO, CFO, and government workers. But what is under the skin of autonomous, smarter than human, CPA, Attorney, CEO, CFO, and government virtual agents? What is under the skin of your personalized, autonomous, and smarter than human, products, services, or distribution and production systems? Intelligent consumer, production, distribution, and sales interfaces are being designed to audit, evaluate, calculate, report, and submit financial and government requirements. 

So you’re set to roll out another marketing and advertising campaign with the traditional media sources. Have you segmented your consumer market into the hundreds of categories they fall into? Have you targeted them personally wherever they are? Will this advertising campaign last for years going 24/7 and 365 days for a few thousand dollars each year? How do the AI assistants rank your campaign? Inspire your media, marketing, and advertising personal by introducing them to tomorrow’s 2.0 global, micro segmentation, 24/7 – 365 consumer base and autonomous, AI assistant targeting.

More importantly AI is being developed to help guide you in attaining your personal goals. Your personal virtual assistant will help you create the best business, social, educational, entertainment, health, and financial plans, and get you the resources to create your future. Life coach 2.0

You should know what is available and how, and when your products, services, production, sales, distribution, inventory, workforce, and even your industry will completely alter. Give us a call and see what is right around the corner.

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