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The Speed of Technological Advancement needs to be Part of Your Organizational Development

The Emerging Future helps to inform organizations and help companies institute disruptive emerging systems that are already exploding into all phases of our business, social, and personal bottom line.
Over the last couple years the pace of new technology has become so rapid that most people do not know about the paradigm changing technologies that are being used today, or what is coming out in the next two or three years. Businesses use the same approaches that have brought them success, yet their products, services, and business plans are quickly becoming outdated without knowing it. Whole industries are oblivious as to what has started to replace them.

A recent phenomenon is the social acceptance of paradigm shifts. Prior to that, society would cast an eye to new things as if a bogeyman would surely pop out.

Estimating the Speed of Technological Advancement Society is now accepting new smart ideas and technology very quickly, because they work much better, and history shows us that clinging to the past quite literally kills us.

In 2013, we are using technology that is 8,000 times better than we used back in 2000.

For a detailed and expansive view of the dates and descriptions of each of the humanity altering bio, nano, and accelerating intelligence elements as they are slated to occur, see and download our “Estimating the Speed of Technological Advancement” time line charts.

Knowing Keeps You Relevant

Staying relevant is critical and can only be done by knowing which new paradigm changes to implement into your organizational development and personal life. The changes are becoming much greater and more frequent as each month progresses. Generic product focused production is changing into personalized product production.

For those that do not know about the disruptive technologies that have just recently occurred, and the many more that are coming, The Emerging Future is creating a series of websites based on the specific fields that are changing the world. These websites have many videos of the largest corporations, the leading academic institutions, heads of government, along with the scientists, engineers, doctors, investors, and inventors explaining the specific technologies and the effect that they will have upon the world, now that they have been created. Take a look at medicine 2.0 and 3.0 while you ask yourself: “Is it Possible to Live Forever?”

Contact The Emerging Future and request our Emerging Future presentations that include demonstrations, Q& A, and hundreds of new paradigm products, services, and disruptive changes along with the 2.0 industries, the devaluation of today’s businesses, the new priorities, and the new decision making mechanisms. Our consulting services will help you with organizational development, as well as determining and acquiring, your future products, services, partnerships, and systems.  Ask a question, and visit our blog. Our presentations are perfect for your exploratory teams.

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