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What is Disruptive Technology?
How Fast is it Spreading?

The cause of this disruption started with the successful use and acceptance of free constant digital information by everyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Disruptive technology is radically changing humanity, and faster than you think. These accelerating technologies are exponentially growing every year. Their price performance 2.0 doubles every year, and billions of users are starting to use these technologies. See The Emerging Future's “When will this happen?” timelines to bring a better perspective on the rate of the accelerating speed of change that we have just recently entered. By combining the timelines with the technologies and new goals that humanity is targeting (below), you will be able to institute smart changes.

Technologies have been created to give us the ability to:

  • Regenerate our sick and aging bodies giving us healthy radical longevity
  • Personal guidance
  • Free energy
  • Desktop fabricators
  • An interactive intelligent environment
  • Accident free autonomous transportation
  • Embedded nano and micro intelligent systems in our body and environment
  • Advanced cybernetic and bionic senses, organs, and limbs that are superior to our biological ones
  • Poverty reduction tools to create world-wide abundance and then radical abundance
  • Computer brain interfaces allowing for our intelligence to multiply millions of times
  • Manipulate molecules and atoms
  • The ability to live in space

The following technologies are here today and will be a part of the 2.0 industries:
Sensors, nanotechnology medicine, quantum computing, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, robotics, nanobots, artificial organs and senses, ubiquitous knowledge, smart materials, open source software, IBM's Watson, Google search, Siri, Google assistant, computer brain interfaces, telepresence robots, self-aware robots,3D printing, longevity escape velocity biotech, server farms (the cloud), microelectromechanical systems, smart phones, tablets, cybernetic limbs, medical tricorders, personal genome, genetic analysis, genomic engineering, proteomics, exoskeletons, autonomous machines (cars, planes, insects, rats, birds, weapons, etc.) gene therapy, desktop sequencers, regenerative medicine (regenerating, growing, and printing human body organs), computer made synthetic life, interactive surfaces, Google's Project Glass, Google Fiber, augmented reality, cryogenics, repurposed drugs, nanotubes, nano-shells, nanoviricides, and smart, interactive, and energy producing walls, floors, countertops, mirrors, doors, and windows.

Using this framework and the appropriate time scale of accelerating intelligence as your reference, how appropriate is your current mission statement?

What will happen to the employee?

Technological changes are replacing the services of lawyers, law enforcement officers, construction workers, retailers, writers, secretaries, truck drivers, artists, cabbies, politicians, accountants, teachers, board members, doctors, nurses, and other traditional jobs, making them unnecessary.

The people who are in those fields will need to adapt into other emerging industries. As an employee the best way to protect yourself is to become informed about the coming changes that may affect your livelihood. The only reason these changes will happen is because they are so much better than what exists now. These disruptive changes are set to produce abundance throughout the world as products, services, and even the way we create them becomes autonomous with smart technology. The Emerging Future offers many services that will help you to see, plan, and create a future beyond your wildest dreams, instead of facing obsolescence.

The founders of The Emerging Future have spent decades in IT, healthcare, online marketing, and advanced education and have come together to help individuals and companies learn what the exponential technologies are, and how to use them, not only to stay current, but to improve their current status exponentially. Redesigning industry is a must and The Emerging Future is poised to make it happen today. Request an appointment, group presentation, ask a question online, and visit our blog and technology websites.

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