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Technology has now developed the capability for smartphones, called tricorders, to perform medical diagnostics on blood, urine, saliva, and stool samples anywhere. Ultrasound, x-ray, and CT scans are also being added. Hundreds of diagnostics will be installed in these already released medical tricorders. This means that hospitals will downsize. Redesigning industry is becoming increasingly easier because so many extremely advanced technologies have become available.

Disruptive TechnologiesIBM's massively parallel computing system called Dr. Watson has been bought by hospitals and healthcare companies so that they can diagnose their patients instantly and more accurately than a team of physicians.
Initially a doctor will have to sign off on each Watson diagnosis, but that will quickly change because Watson's instant diagnostic capability surpasses that of a team of medical doctors and is much faster and cheaper.

In a short amount of time, the just released medical tricorder and Dr. Watson will be in everyone’s smart phone, making most hospital and doctor’s services no longer needed.

Many other disruptive technology medical procedures have just hit the market, entered clinical trials, or are going through FDA regulatory proceedings because they are new branches of medicine. As a matter of fact the entire goal of medicine is changing, as are the new systems that will make it happen. Today’s late stage treatment medical industry that uses industrial sized x-ray equipment, blood, urine, and saliva specimens that are sent to a laboratory for analysis, and scheduled appointments 21 days after you feel sick are about to be added to the horse and buggy, ice box, and 8 track player list of outdated technology. The Emerging Future is here to help make it happen.

Outsiders are Making the Changes Happen

99.9% of doctors and hospitals are sitting on the sidelines when it comes to making the rapid transition from traditional medicine into medicine 2.0. Outside industries are stepping up and creating the medical technology and instant inexpensive systems that will incorporate: personalized medicine, genomic medicine, 24/7 diagnostic monitoring, online analysis, regenerative medicine, medical apps, preventive medicine, and open source HIPPA free medicine.

Most doctors, hospital administrators, and nurses have never heard of the medical technologies that already exist, the new goals of medicine, or the efficient business models that will exist within medicine 2.0. There are several hundred thousand individuals in various fields who understand the new products, systems and goals. There is a smaller core of movers and shakers in the accelerating technology fields that have stepped up and already changed FDA policies to push forward the future of medicine. Hospital Administrators and doctors are oblivious to the tech, FDA policies, many NIH goals, open source medicine, and the financial and institutional structures that are being developed for medicine 2.0.

Manufacturing is going through disruptive changes as well, as 3D printing is transitioning from being a quick way to physically look at prototypes into a business of printing working parts and products anywhere. 3D printing is becoming widespread as more materials are used for fabrication and the cost of the printers and materials decrease and their capabilities increase (price/performance). The majority of nanotechnology is still relegated to 2 dimensional material technologies. As the engineering of tools to place atoms and molecules in 3 dimensions matures, molecular and atomically precise tools and machines will allow for 3.0 disruptive technologies, these 3.0 industries will replace the 2.0 fabrication industries that are now coming out. 

The CEOs, board members, and employees that currently run our medical field are oblivious to the changes that are starting to sweep medicine and devastate the current medical business models. Some of the same technological tools used to change medicine and manufacturing will be used to disrupt the financial, retail, sports, construction, legal, political, educational, and other industries.
What do you know about the new technological changes disrupting and removing your organization's field? Let us explain the disruptive changes coming to you, and help you redesign your business and even your industry with ubiquitous accelerating intelligence.

The Emerging Future is making a strong effort to inform organizations about these amazing tools, systems, and the new direction that industries are headed in. When people get over the shock of the profound changes occurring, many choose to ignore them, go back to their old world normal, and let their opportunity pass by. They go back to having meetings and discuss how they will spend money, develop strategies, stick to their message, and give importance to yesterday's expensive, less efficient standards that lead to the ultimate dissolution of their organization. They act this way because they feel so out of touch and do not know the myriad of new paradigms, systems, and goals that will be successful, That is why people and their organizations stay inside their comfort zone. This is where The Emerging Future can help. Let us introduce you to the availability of accelerating intelligence. Let us help you design the future for you and your organization. Our presentations and our consulting services give you the knowledge to create continuous exponential growth and lead.

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