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The Emerging Future services

Presentations to organizations and business leaders cover:

  • The superior yet disruptive systems, technologies, and objectives
  • The time lines of accelerating change
  • The new societal goals and how to be viewed as still relevant
  • How to beat the downside caused by thousands of these disruptive technologies
  • Your new audience
  • The new paradigms in marketing, R&D, and community involvement
  • The need to change your mission statement

Learn About

  • New paradigms based on accelerating your health, wealth, and intelligence
  • The government, corporate, and startup players, timelines, strategies
  • The reasons accelerating intelligence is now going so fast
  • How and why businesses are using bio, nano, open source, etc.
  • The effects of exponential technology on business, society, humanity
  • Evidence based responses vs. boardroom based responses

Customized Services

  • Presentations with Q and A related to your organization and possible goals
  • Ideas that your organization can use to adapt
  • Help your company brainstorm, research, and create your roadmap
  • Keep you updated with the new frontiers as they unfold
  • Implement new paradigms as they are slated to come out
  • Bring together partnerships with existing companies and startups
  • Help make your ideas become a reality


The Emerging Future is looking to partner with companies interested in creating the new industry paradigms. These industries will offer solutions instantly, constantly, with improved outcomes by orders of magnitude. By using multiple innovations that already exist today, there will be no need for most of today’s products, services, and industries. Many advances are ready to be used to change the world today:

  • Traditional medicine into at home, instant, personalized, online, preventative, regenerative, embedded, and nonbiological medicine
  • Traditional manufacturing into local and at home fabrication facilities
  • Traditional education into open source, online and personal learning systems
  • Traditional company management into AI surface, robotic, and embedded systems using a telepresence workforce
  • Agriculture and food production into autonomous bioreactor, fabrication, and vertical, local and at home systems
  • Construction and architecture into professional and personal, natural language CAD building systems
  • Traditional energy systems into embedded personal piezoelectric, water/hydrogen electricity converters, nano solar, kinetic, compressed air, tidal, infrared, and wireless energy systems
  • Create human enhancement awareness, education, marketing, and training
  • Market and promote the new advanced AI systems, virtual personal assistants, interactive surfaces, autonomous products, and data centers
  • Life extension and expansion systems  such as online avatars, life logging, uploading, computer brain interfaces, human machine interfaces, cybernetic devices, cryogenic services, nanotechnology medicine, and life continuum systems (backup servers, robots, and software)

The Emerging Future looks to help move humanity into a smarter and safer world that has the abilities to address intelligence, healthy longevity, and abundance, in order to meet the needs of our Grand Challenges. If you are interested in creating your future industry today, please contact The Emerging Future.

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About us

  • Our mission is to reveal the terrain of the rapidly changing environment caused by the increasing speed of technological paradigm shifts, and help organizations create their new future.

If you are interested in creating your future industry today, please contact us now.

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  • Ask about our presentations on the outpouring of paradigm shifts and the spectrum of profound changes affecting society, business, and every individual.

Our consulting services and innovator partnerships are available to foster exponential growth and solve humanity's grand challenges.

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