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What will our presentations about the emerging future do for you?

At the very least you may:

  • Feel a strong need to act, and make large changes
  • Create unprecedented goals
  • Become comfortable with disruptive tech and disruptive change
  • Take advantage of accelerating intelligence
  • Spark interest in consumers and fascinate them
  • Know who is creating the world's future
  • See what is coming before it gets here
  • Create an abundant future
  • Have board members and management teams give evidence based answers
  • Create a sense of unimagined importance and creativity in your organization
  • Develop a plan introducing many 2.0 and 3.0 paradigms
  • Use embedded and mobile data and analysis systems
  • Become the inspired leader that inspires millions of others
  • Become radically successful
  • Feel confident and be happy with evidence based knowledge

Robin MackeyHello,

My name is Robin Mackey. I'm the founder of The Emerging Future. I want to thank you for visiting our website.
Studying emerging technology and their repercussions over the last decade has been an exciting and at times shocking experience. I have worked in healthcare for twenty years, website and online marketing for twelve years. I have watched the internet and personal computers dismantle the library, newspaper, magazine, publishing, music, movie, and television industries.
As an ardent observer of emerging technology I have talked to thousands of professionals in many fields and I usually conclude that:
- People do not study emerging technology and the effects of disruptive change
- People are under the misunderstanding that these incredibly powerful technological advances will be extremely expensive (only the rich will be able to afford them) when in fact, it is the opposite, these systems will be ubiquitous, inexpensive to make, handheld, and embedded into us and our environment.
- Most professionals fear that they will be replaced by machines so they have a negative attitude which discourages them from studying the brilliant paradigms that have recently come out.
- Boardroom members and department heads do not have discussions about the smarter than human systems that will replace their jobs.
- This lack of intelligence makes their company become obsolete instead of the becoming the new industry leader.

As an ardent observer of emerging technology I read, watch, and talk to the people that are designing the future with the new paradigms, I usually conclude that:
- They are very clear about the mechanisms of action that make things work.
- These mechanisms of action have had a trend and the trend is based on our rapidly expanding knowledge that resides in servers with massively parallel computing, sensors, and new tools to create new paradigms
- These luminaries have an edge when it comes to creating our future because they know which technological tools to use and which social trajectory will develop next.
- Technology steers humanity
- Today's small business  and even the individual will have big business capability as the price performance radically drops on 2.0 and 3.0 embedded, autonomous, smarter than human, data and analysis systems over the next few years.
- Those in the know feed off of the accelerating intelligence brought on by technological evolution not human evolution.
- Their passion changes everything because they know how to not only solve humanities grand challenges, they also know how to create a world of abundance and this is what the majority of people and organizations lack.

With this perspective, we have created The Emerging Future to give organizations and individuals this knowledge to create their future. We initially give organizations a smart upbeat and even humorous detailed and comprehensive presentation that is simultaneously surprising, visual, and interactive. We also help organizations figure out where they would like to go and what they need to get there. The Emerging Future is constantly researching, reaching out to, and partnering with the new technology, industry, corporate, and government leaders for our clients.

Please give me a call and let's discuss what The Emerging Future has to offer you.

Take Advantage

Our best asset is our knowledge and experience in researching the: who, what, and when of disruptive technology and disruptive systems.

Our presentations are more than eye opening exposés on the transformations that are rapidly occurring in every field, they are designed to give you answers.

One of the most important services that we provide is showing the transition that your industry will undergo, and how to get you there first.

As a small consulting firm we make it our business to keep a one to one relationship with our clients. As the president I am ready to get you the answers and solutions you need immediately.

Timelines have changed; the curve of our capability is rising higher and faster as the months go by. Taking advantage of these powerful tools and more desirable goals will improve everyone's position.

The types of clients that come to us are: businesses interested in getting ahead of the competition, schools, investors, nonprofit organizations, startup companies, entrepreneurs, and forward thinking individuals.

Business Consultant 1.0

The traditional business consultant 1.0 offers to go through your traditional policies, procedures, business processes, and analyze your technology and assets, They will help you work with people in the know, get you a loan, and bump up your social media and search engine marketing campaigns. Refining and partnering with traditional industry experts will only get you incremental improvements while your industry is blindsided and becomes a footnote in history.

The Emerging Future 2.0 to 3.0

The Emerging Future will leverage today's new manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, retail, energy, data  acquisition and analysis, education, sensors, and workforce paradigms that are turning industries into instant, personalized, intuitive, interactive, and superior product and service industries. The Emerging Future will help you use new tools to create much better solutions for the consumer, by using solutions from outside your industry, product price/performance design, disruptive paradigms, and out of the box organizational development.

Thanks for stopping by and let's get together again,

Robin Mackey,
The Emerging Future is twice as good

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  • Our mission is to reveal the terrain of the rapidly changing environment caused by the increasing speed of technological paradigm shifts, and help organizations create their new future.

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